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For many, a high school stadium is a temple wherein student-athletes celebrate Sport and the lessons it teaches:

  • teamwork
  • dedication
  • perseverance, sometimes in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds
  • and, above all, a passion to compete

Since it's completion in 1997, Clymer Stadium has been home to the Columbus Grove Bulldogs. Boasting a true home field advantage, the football  Bulldogs are 42-2 (as of 11/06/2004) in its friendly confines. 1500 screaming fans fill the seats every game, with hundreds more standing at the fence surrounding the field.

Dedicated to their father, Larry & Gary literally built the stadium by hand. In addition to funding the construction, they, along with their families, friends and employees shoveled, poured, stacked and bolted it together. Those long evening and weekend hours produced an athletic facility that is the envy of the region.


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